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Romney Gives Fiery Speech to Massive Crowd in Pennsylvania: 'We're Going to Keep America the Hope of the Earth


"When I'm elected the economy and the American job market is going to be stagnant, but I'm not going to waste any time complaining about my predecessor."

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Mitt Romney is campaigning in Pennsylvania in the final days before the 2012 election, holding such a packed rally Sunday night that one Twitter user labeled it a "Republican Woodstock."

There are only estimates of the crowd size, but some reports put the number as high as 30,000.

Here are some photos from the event-- Romney wasn't scheduled to speak until the evening, but thousands turned out hours early despite the freezing temperatures:

(Photo: TheBlaze)

(Photo: TheBlaze)

(Photo: TheBlaze)

The Republican nominee began with an enthusiastic thanks for the crowd before asking that they keep the victims of Hurricane Sandy-- some of which were likely present-- in their thoughts and prayers.

After New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came out in support of President Obama's relief efforts last week, many said Christie was undermining Mitt Romney.  But the Republican nominee had no hard feelings, it seemed, and went out of his way to thank the New Jersey governor.

"I think about the governor of New Jersey, Governor Christie, he's giving all of his heart and his passion to help the people of his state.  They're in a hard way and we appreciate his hard work.  Thank you, governor..." Romney remarked.

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Romney spent much of his speech discussing the state of the economy, and how his plan will create far more jobs than the president's.

"If you believe we can do better, if you believe America should be on a better course, if you're tired of being tired, then I ask you to vote for real change.  Paul Ryan and I will bring real change from day one," he stated.

Taking a swipe at President Obama's habit of blaming George W. Bush for his woes, Romney added:

"When I'm elected the economy and the American job market is going to be stagnant, but I'm not going to waste any time complaining about my predecessor.  I won't spend my effort trying to pass partisan legislation unrelated to jobs and growth.  From day one, I'm going to go to work to help put Americans back to work."

(Photo: TheBlaze)

Amid coordinated "USA, USA" chants, Romney continued:

"If the president were to be re-elected, he's of course going to continue his war on coal, oil, and natural gas.  When I'm elected we're going to change course on energy to build jobs, to help prices at the pump.  When I'm elected we're going to achieve North American energy independence in 8 years."

"We're a generous people.  We give to others in need.  We live for things bigger than ourselves.  On November 6th we can come together for a better future, and on November 7th, we're going to get to work," he told the crowd.

Asking members of the audience to reach out to their friends who may be voting for Obama, Romney concluded:

"This is much more than our moment.  It's America's moment of renewal, and purpose, and optimism.  We've traveled far and wide in this great campaign for America's future, and now we're almost home.  One final push will get us there.  We've known many long days, and short nights, and now we're close.  The door to a brighter future is there, it's open, it's waiting for us.

"I need your vote, I need your work, I want you to walk with me.  Let's walk together-- we're taking back America, we're coming back, we're going to keep America the hope of the Earth with your help, Pennsylvania...!"



Here's complete video of the speech, via RightScoop:

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