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Chris Matthews Goes Full-Tingle in Final Pitch for Obama Re-Election: 'Perfectly Displayed Bipartisan Cooperation


'He did that. Barack Obama."

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 13: American news anchor Chris Matthews attends Comedy Central's night of too many stars: America comes together for autism programs at The Beacon Theatre on October 13, 2012 in New York City. (Credit: Getty Images)

In his final appeal to voters before Tuesday's election, MSNBC's Chris Matthews gushed over President Barack Obama and the "vital actions" he took during his first term in the White House.

Matthews praised Obama for "rescuing" the auto industry with the auto bailouts, providing legal relief to illegal immigrants with his own version of the DREAM Act and passing the Lilly Ledbetter Act to require equal pay for women.

The MSNBC host said Obama did an "exemplary" job in his response to Hurricane Sandy. In fact, Matthews said he "perfectly displayed bipartisan cooperation" in the wake of Sandy.

"He did that," Matthews added. "Barack Obama."

Obama's "margin of victory" will be the result of his "margin of guts," he explained.  If the president wins another term, it is because of the "bold controversial actions" he took.

He also said the Supreme Court is "perilously close to going the other way on reproductive rights" but Obama is fighting alongside women.

"And that belief in a woman's right to think and to care and to be good is something that is not shared equally across the political spectrum," he said, jabbing at Republicans. "The crazy things said by certain Republican Senate candidates is not background music. It is coming from the same right wing mindset that loves nothing, including human freedom, more than it loves the past. Indeed, the distant past."

Republicans now don't support a woman's right to "think," "care" or to "be good?" That sounds horrifying.

Matthews went on to say Obama will win the 2012 election "if those who despise racial and ethnic prejudice, wake tomorrow hearing those horrible words that have called out angrily against this president."

Those attacks, Matthews said, are not aimed at Obama alone but an entire group of people.

If you have the stomach to sit through nearly six minutes of Matthews's passionate diatribe about the greatness that is Barack Obama, it can be viewed here:

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