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Biden hands pizza to press with a 'what the hell


Before heading to an Obama campaign volunteer office in Virginia today, Vice President Joe Biden stopped to buy pizza for supporters. He gave one of the three boxes (supposedly 8 lbs. each) he purchased to the press pool towing around with him. And he did it with typical Biden flair.

From a pool report by the Los Angeles Times' Michael Memoli:

Speaking to the pool after struggling to fit the pie in the van: "Guys, I didn't plan on the box being that big. I don't know how you are going to do that."

In a bit of a wistful farewell at the end of the campaign, [Biden] refers to many local food stops in the past few months. "I keep eating the stuff and you guys never get to have any. So thanks-thanks guys. I tell ya- you know- it's like you know: you go on a vacation and you come home and bring your kid a sweatshirt. 'Is that all there is a sweatshirt?' (Points to the pizza box sitting in the van) All you get this time is a pizza- What the hell."

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