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Stunning Home Invasion Caught on Video in Arizona

(Photo via ABC)

(Photo via ABC)

Police have released security footage of a shocking home invasion in Tuscon, Arizona, last week where two men are seen restraining and beating a homeowner before entering his house and stealing his belongings.

At one point two other members of the house come to the door to help, presumably having heard the scuffle outside, but are forced back in by a man with a gun.

Soon after, a third suspect jumps in through the front door, though it is uncertain why he arrived after his partners.  It's possible he was playing the role of lookout.

Here are photos of the three men from the surveillance video:

(Photo via ABC)

The suspects reportedly gained access to the house by offering to do yard work, but as soon as they were inside began viciously beating the man who offered to employ them.

Appalling as the video is, though, police have been able to use it to efficiently track down the suspects.  Recorded by the homeowner's security cameras, police have identified and arrested Dominic Tyrone Dixon, but his partners remain on the run.

Though none of the victims suffered any lasting injuries, Tom Peine, a deputy with the Pima County Sheriff's Department, said the case is a high priority.

"They could go out, commit additional crimes," he explained. "They have been very violent in their approach."

ABC has more, including the shocking footage:



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