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Greta Van Susteren: Obama admin 'seeks to punish' Fox News


Commenting on a story in the New York Times, Fox News' Greta Van Susteren wrote a blog post last night saying the Obama administration is sending a message to Fox: "back off!"

The part of the Times story Van Susteren was responding to in particular said that "there is a palpable sense [at Fox News] that the White House punishes the outlet for its coverage..."

Van Susteren wrote on her blog that "Of course the Obama Administration is trying to punish Fox News Channel — I wasn’t born yesterday!" She said the administration is unsatisfied with Fox's coverage of the Benghazi story.

"The Obama Administration is trying to send Fox a message – back off!" she said. "I believe that Fox is getting punished for doing its job. We simply persistently ask pointed questions about the murder of 4 Americans. We didn’t buy the Obama Administration’s silly story (video/protest) and so now they seek to punish us with exclusion."

President Obama and Fox News have had a rocky relationship (to say the least) since he took office. Back in 2009 then-White House Communications Director Anita Dunn told the Times the administration was "going to treat [Fox] the way we would treat an opponent."

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