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Krauthammer Outlines Romney's 3 Potential Paths to Electoral Victory

Charles Krauthammer (Photo Credit: FILE)

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer is known for his stellar political analysis. And, as we've noted, he's among those who believe that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a solid shot at winning today's election. On Monday, Krauthammer appeared on FOX News' "Special Report," where he went into detail about how the GOP candidate might win, highlighting three, specific paths to victory.

Unlike critics who contend that Romney's chances are not, as many experts have claimed, "difficult and narrow," the commentator sees possibilities for the Republican contender. To begin, Krauthammer sets the stage for a Romney win, noting that the candidate must secure the South in order for the plans to fall into place.

With that in mind, the columnist claims that Romney would potentially sail to victory if he secured Ohio and New Hampshire. If Ohio is not winnable  though, all hope is not lost, as Krauthammer believes that Romney could then win by capturing Colorado and Wisconsin. But these aren't the only paths.

"If Obama doesn't win any of these states outside of the south, he can do it with one way -- Pennsylvania," he continued.

As for the president's closing message to voters, Krauthammer dismisses it as weak and ineffective.

"Romney's a bad guy. Trust me," is how the commentator framed the president's re-election appeal. "I don't really think that sells."

Watch Krauthammer's analysis, below:



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