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Krauthammer Predicts: Romney Will Win, But It's Going to Be 'Very Close


Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer on Friday predicted Mitt Romney will win next week but said it's going to be "very close."

Krauthammer told Sean Hannity he was predicting Romney would win the popular vote by about half a point, and the Electoral College by "probably a very narrow margin."

Though he thinks Romney will pull it off, he called Obama "the luckiest politician" he's ever seen in part because of Hurricane Sandy this week.

"Romney's on a roll, he's increasing slightly every day his lead in the national polls, catching up in the swing states and then Sandy hits, first of all, it freeze the race," Krauthammer said. “Inevitably, you get to play commander in chief, you get to be in the Situation Room. Of course, he wasn’t on Libya, but that’s another issue. And then of course he gets to stand out there with the governor of New Jersey, a he gets all of those images that are translated into priceless stuff that you couldn't possibly get in advertisements."

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