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Plane Forced to Emergency Land After Man Refuses to Stop Praying in the Aisle (& Fellow Passengers Subdue Him)


"Passanger was restrained using the safety demonstration seatbelt."

A United Airlines plane made an emergency landing on Thursday night after a passenger reportedly began fervently praying in the aisle. The man apparently refused to go back to his seat and became a problematic distraction while Flight 662, which was en route from Denver, Colorado, to Washington D.C., was preparing for landing.

At first, he allegedly got out of his seat and didn't listen to requests from staffers to sit back down. While he eventually complied, before long he was up again, mumbling, then subsequently kneeling in the aisle. As the incident unfolded, the pilot declared an emergency, The Daily Mail reports, and a military escort seemingly guided the plane into the Dulles Washington International Airport without incident.

Law enforcement officials going onto the flight after landing. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

According to a passenger on the flight who recorded the events on the social media platform Twitter, the man who caused the disturbance rushed to the bathroom and, as reported, refused to sit down. In addition to sending updates about the incident, passenger G.Cristian Camarena also Tweeted pictures to accompany his text messages.

"Passangers helped to subdue him," he wrote. "Passanger was restrained using the safety demonstration seatbelt."

Authorities -- both police and paramedics -- took the passenger off of the plane in handcuffs. He was subsequently placed in a police vehicle.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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