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Blogger Andrew Sullivan: Fox News Needs to Be 'Demonized' and 'Cut Off' Along With 'Poison on the Discourse' Rush Limbaugh

Image source: HBO

Image source: HBO

Daily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan said Friday that Fox News needs to be "demonized" and "cut off" along with "poison on the discourse" Rush Limbaugh.

"The first conservative who will be the future of that [Republican] party will be the one who says Rush Limbaugh does not speak for the Republican Party, he is a poison on the discourse," Sullivan said on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher." "You see the media industrial complex on the right is so lucrative, they don't want to lose him and it is now controlling a political party. That has to be severed, Fox News has to be demonized, has to be cut off."

TheBlaze's S.E. Cupp, also a guest, asked, "So we're making arguments now to cut off speech instead of adding on?"

Sullivan said he was referring just to Republicans, not "everybody."

"The Republican Party has to say, 'We have no part of Fox News,'" he said.

Sullivan claimed last month that if Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney were to win Virginia and Florida, the "Confederacy" would be back.

Watch below, via the Daily Caller:

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