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Beck Explains All Those 'Agenda 21' Ads You're Seeing on TheBlaze TV -- Sort Of

Beck Explains All Those 'Agenda 21' Ads You're Seeing on TheBlaze TV -- Sort Of

"Why would they be running on my network?"

Are you one of the several people that have sent me, Editor-in-Chief Scott Baker, and even Glenn Beck angry emails demanding an explanation regarding why TheBlaze TV is running ads supporting the United Nations' controversial sustainability program called Agenda 21? Well today you got that explanation. Kind of.

"There's a growing controversy here at TheBlaze that I want to talk to you about, " Beck said on his Monday radio program before reading several angry emails demanding he look into Agenda 21 and threatening to drop the network. You can view three of the ads causing quite the stir, below:

Always one to create intrigue and have fun with his audience, though, Beck's co-host, Pat, toyed with listeners by sarcastically agreeing with the ads.

"I've got four pages-- these are just the easy complaints. We have people who are cancelling," Beck said. Then he tried to reassure his listeners by using some sarcasm.

"Let's use logic," Beck explained. "Agenda 21, a plan for sustainable development, something that Glenn Beck got a lot of heat on for bringing it up on Fox News, something that the 9/12 project in California is being credited for reversing a lot of Agenda 21. And then ads that you haven't seen any place else, and really spooky ads that you haven't seen any place else. Why would they be running on my network?"

He continued:

Now, I'd like to invite you, before someone would cancel their subscription, think of the world we live in now. Think of the world we live in. You've known me for how long? You trust me enough to subscribe to my network and yet you would get online to send me an electronic message saying how angry you are at me for taking the money to further the UN agenda. That's amazing. What a dirt bag sellout I am... or... one of these things just doesn't belong.

So instead of typing an e‑mail, I might go to Google, which I also have recommended not to use, and I might Google "Agenda 21 Glenn Beck." Hmmm.

"We are spending a lot of money on the malformed, though," Beck's other co-host and producer, Stu, interrupted jokingly. "We should... should talk about that."

"You make a good case," Beck quipped. He later added that the network has subscription "openings" for those who have left over the ads and even joked that "I've sold my soul to Agenda 21." He also offered some other "evidence" as to why people shouldn't be up in arms, but we'll leave that for the clip.

So what's the reason behind the ads? Well, Beck didn't go into detail, but suffice it to say you should stay tuned to TheBlaze for the full reason soon.

In the meantime, you can listen to the kinda, sorta explanation below:

Need to catch up on what, exactly, Agenda 21 is? Read TheBlaze's extensive reporting on it here and here.

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