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Beck Revisits His Prediction that Petraeus Would Take Fall for Libya: 'This Is What the Mob Does, Gang


"This is what the mob does, gang."

Photo Credit: MoveOn.org

On Monday morning, Glenn Beck tackled a subject that has been at the forefront of national media coverage over the past 72 hours: Gen. David Petraeus's affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. As TheBlaze previously noted, Beck has, in the past, speculated that the ex-CIA head would ultimately take the fall on Benghazi. During his radio show today, he discussed this theory in detail, while highlighting the forces that may be at play.

At the beginning of the segment, the popular radio host reminded listeners about MoveOn.org and the left's past attacks on Petraeus. Later, he went on to discuss the Benghazi, Libya, attack and speculation that the affair was used as leverage against the ex-general.

Photo Credit: MoveOn.org

As for Benghazi, Beck questioned the timeline of the scandal surrounding the former general. As for the attack, the host speculated that, considering Petraeus' knowledge of the elements at hand, the timing is suspect.

"General Petraeus knows it -- knows everything about it. He's got all the information. The week before he testifies this comes out," Beck said of Petraeus' knowledge of the Libyan terror attack.

Beck speculated that the president and administration officials knew about the affair, but that they held the information until last week.

"This is what the mob does gang," he told listeners. "You've got to look at the president and this administration as Al Capone...This is what they do. They hold the information."

As for Benghazi, Beck said that, though he doesn't believe Petraeus will speak out, if the general has the level of character most Americans assumed he did prior to this scandal, then he very well may.

"I don't think he's going to say anything. If he is the man we thought he was, he will. And his children will suffer for it," the host continued.

Listen to Beck, below:

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