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Chinese Billionaire: Communist Women Are Prettier Than Non-Communists -- And Women Love Communist Men


In honor of Chinese Valentine's Day...

Liang (Photo source:

Liang Wengen (Photo source:

This may be much more information than any Blaze reader ever wanted to know about the softer side of China's Communist Party, but on the heels of this year's Chinese Valentine's Day (which fell on Sunday) and in the wake of the 2012 election that left half of the country in a state of depression, TheBlaze thought some levity was needed.

Apparently, according to one of China's most prominent Communist Party members -- and ironically wealthiest men -- not only are wives of Communist Party members far more attractive than their democracy-prone counterparts, but Communist Party men are able to woo these women far more effectively due to their alleged prowess.

Yes. This is not a joke, although it will certainly send the majority of those who read this reeling with laughter (or tears of disgust).

"The wives of the majority of the Communist party members are prettier than the wives of non-Communist party members," 56-year-old billionaire (yes, billionaire with a "b") Liang Wengen said during a recent press conference.

"Chinese girls love Communist party members more because the party members have ideals and are dedicated and ready to make sacrifices."

According to The Telegraph, Liang serves as the chairman of Sany, a heavy machinery manufacturer and that for 18 years he had aspired to join the Communist Party as he believed he would be better respected after doing so. As an entrepreneur, he and his counterparts had often been looked down upon by the traditional Chinese bureaucrats and denied entry into the party.

Now Liang can boast that he is one of the Communist Party's most influential members.

By the way, the Telegraph adds this nugget:

He denied, though, that he might be elected to the Central Committee, the 370-strong body that ostensibly chooses the Politburo and its standing committee. He said speculation at his elevation was simply "chasing the wind and clutching at shadows".

Xi Jinping, the incoming Chinese president, has a glamorous second wife, the 49-year-old folk singer Peng Liyuan. Chairman Mao, meanwhile, had four wives and a legendary appetite for the fairer sex.

Indeed, this same kind of propaganda -- the kind that painted Communist leaders as the men women wanted to be with and other men wanted to be like --  was employed in the former Soviet Union as well.

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