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It's at least $40K to host a speech by George Will


Fordham University's College Republicans originally wanted to host Washington Post columnist George Will and Herman Cain before settling on Ann Coulter (whose appearance they later canceled).

The group made news on Friday after the school's president wrote a public letter condemning their choice to bring Coulter to speak on campus. The pressure led the group to cancel but it turns out Coulter was the latest in a line of speakers that didn't work out.

From the school's student paper The Observer:

The [College Republicans] had originally appealed for conservative author and journalist George Will but were not awarded the sufficient funds. In his place, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was selected as a possible speaker, but after hearing rumors of Cain’s cancelations [sic] with other schools while still under contract, they were forced to find another speaker who would cost less than the $10,000 they were given.

Both Will and Cain are listed with the Washington Speakers Bureau. Cain's fee varies based on event and location. Will, however, charges at least $40,000 per speech.

Coulter is with the Young Americas Foundation. Her fee is at least $20,000.

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