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Remember That 'Firenado'? The Guy Behind the Footage Says Al Gore Wants to Use It -- And Wait Until You Hear the Response


"... happy to sell it to Mr Gore if he can convince me that this event was caused by ... man-made climate change."

Just a couple months ago, TheBlaze brought you the amazing footage of a "firenado" -- or a fire tornado -- shot in the Australian Outback by filmmaker Chris Tangey. Now, Al Gore wants to use the stunning footage in his next documentary about climate change, but Tangey says not so fast.

This image is from Chris Tangey's footage of a fire tornado. (Image: Good Morning America screenshot)

According to NT News, members of the former U.S. vice president's Climate Reality Project tried twice to purchase rights to use the video from Tangey. Here's what Tangey had to say about that:

"I am still happy to sell it to Mr Gore if he can convince me that this event was caused by, or was in any way attributable to, man-made climate change," he said.

"Unfortunately both times he has asked I have put that challenge back to his organisations, but then didn't even receive a response."

To NT News, Tangey described the storm as a "highly localized event" and when it comes to the footage he wants to ensure that "usage of this material should be scientifically valid and in context."

The first attempt to obtain rights to the footage occurred in September and the latest came last week from Climate Reality Project producer Andrea Smith, according to NT News. The publication learned from emails it obtained from Smith that the footage would be used to "invite conversation and discussion."

In case you missed it, check out some of Tangey's film featured in this Good Morning America report:

Although we call it a fire tornado, in our previous post about the footage we reported Life's Little Mysteries explaining that the event is really more like a dust devil than a tornado proper. Read more about how these events form in that article here.

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