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Time-Lapsed Vid. Shows Cars as the Only Light in Lower Manhattan After Sandy


"It's a different city when the lights are out."

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It has been two weeks since Hurricane Sandy left more than 8 million people on the East Coast without power. At this point about 120,000 customers in New York and New Jersey are still in the dark.

The power outages, coupled with damages from the storm and the nor-easter that followed a week later, devastated many. Not to discredit the hardship that came with the outages but filmmaker and photographer Jared Levy and Michael Marantz recognized the rarity of the situation in a city usually humming with electrical lights.

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Through Marantz's the production company Already Alive, they put together a time-lapsed video to "capture and relay the feeling of what it was like to walk around the darkened streets of lower Manhattan."

In "NYC Dark," Levy said, "looking at the skyline, it just felt like I was looking at something that was wrong."

"Everywhere was different," he continued. "Nothing looked the way it should."

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

Levy describes the darkness as making the buildings feel like they're hugging you.

"It felt like you weren't supposed to be there, and that's the first time I've felt that way about any of those places. It's a different city when the lights are out."

Watch the time-lapse for yourself:

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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