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Are UFOs Flying Over Denver? See the Video Captured by Both an Anonymous Tipster and a Local News Station


“That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not birds..."

(Image: KDVR screenshot)

The local Fox affiliate near Denver, KDVR, received a video tip from a man who wished to remain anonymous showing unidentified objects taken with his digital camera. Although many might be quick to jump to the conclusion that they're UFOs of the extraterrestrial variety, some have other ideas that hit a bit closer to home.

KDVR reported the tipster saying that the objects appear between noon and 1 p.m. near the Denver metro area "at least a couple times a week." The footage was taken on a hill in the Federal Heights area. The news station said it had to slow down the footage in order to more clearly see the images. It also added contrast to increase visibility.

(Image: KDVR screenshot)

(Image: KDVR screenshot)


Given that photo-doctoring equipment is easy to come by, KDVR also wanted to verify the footage for themselves. Since the tipster said this is a reoccurring event, they sent out their own photojournalist, Noah Skinner, to see if he could replicate the footage. They brought in an expert to review it as well:

Aviation expert Steve Cowell is a former commercial pilot, instructor and FAA accident prevention counselor.

He thought he would have a logical explanation, until he watched the video. “That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not birds, I can’t identify it,” he said. He also told us the objects are not insects.

He said he knows of no aircraft that flies as fast. He did tell us there is one other possibility. “Perhaps there’s some sort of debris that is being raised up by some of the atmospheric winds.”

But in his professional opinion, “As it fits the definition, it’s an unidentified flying object.”

Some would disagree with Cowell's writing of the bugs explanation though. Doubtful News author "Chew" (via the Huffington Post) wrote, “'NOBODY CAN EXPLAIN IT!' Really? They’re bugs! Set up two cameras side by side and triangulate the distance to the object. Clearly they consulted a man in the wrong profession. Get someone who has studied UFOs. Or an entomologist!"

You can compare the footage sent into KDVR and that captured by Skinner and judge for yourself. See them both below.

Here's KDVR's report based off the images sent into them from a tipster:

Here's what Skinner was able to film:

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