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Glenn Beck FINALLY Reveals the Reason for Those 'Agenda 21' Ads on Blaze TV (For Real!)


"I made them and I paid for them...Now why would I do that?"

(TheBlaze TV)

(TheBlaze TV)

During his radio show on Tuesday, Glenn Beck and company finally revealed why those "Agenda 21" ads have been airing on TheBlaze TV. The host came clean and admitted that he hired a film crew to create four "Agenda 21" ads to run on his network.

Beck said he has been getting tons of emails from viewers threatening to cancel their subscriptions, furious that he would allow the United Nations to promote its "propaganda" on his network. Some have actually cancelled over the ads.

"The conspiracy theorists among us say I am part of Agenda 21 and this ad is just proof positive to some," Beck said.

Here is one of the ads in question:

Furthering the theory that Beck is in cahoots with the U.N., Stu Burguiere, executive producer of the "Glenn Beck Radio Show," read a portion of a "report" from InfoWars.com, which has since been taken down. However, no correction or apology seems to have been issued.

"Earlier this week there was a thread on the Free Republic about Agenda 21 ads running on Beck's TheBlaze TV on the Dish Network. People couldn't believe that Beck would allow the United Nations to run propaganda on his network because he's a patriot, right?," Stu said, reading from the report.

Stu went on: "InfoWars has exposed Beck as a globalist operative…assigned to undermine and neutralize the liberty movement."

"Glenn Beck specializes…in disinformation ops designed to trick his conservative followers and lead them to dead ends and cul-de-sacs that ultimately neutralize the political opposition."

Finally, Beck admitted that the United Nations did not pay for the ads, he did. "I made them and I paid for them."

"Now why would I do that?" Beck teased. "Well, one theory is, I am a specialist in disinformation and I am a covert globalist operative that is trying to derail the liberty movement."

The other (correct) theory? Beck finally revealed that he is publishing a fictional book called "Agenda 21." The ads, he explained, were part of an effort to reach more people and get them interested in learning more about the "terrifying" -- and real -- United Nations initiative. The host also said TheBlaze TV will be doing a special on the U.N.'s Agenda 21 initiative in the upcoming weeks.

In other words, the ads really were about promoting awareness regarding Agenda 21 along with promoting the upcoming release of the book. While fictional, the book uses the real-life goals of Agenda 21 to imagine its successful implementation, Beck said.

"If I took it and we had a storyline that said, lets play this out, lets take their agenda and their own words and play it out. What happens to the United States? And, what does the United States look like?"

"This book comes out on bookshelves everywhere next week," he added. "This is a blockbuster."

Beck explains (and jabs at InfoWars' Alex Jones) in this segment via TheBlaze TV:

Read some of TheBlaze's previous reports on Agenda 21 below:

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