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Pelosi Gaffes in Presser: We Don't Have the Majority, But 'We Have the Gavel...Excuse Me

Image source: Fox News

Image source: Fox News

Wishful thinking?

It's safe to say House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) knows the Democrats don't have control of the gavel in the House of Representatives, but she slipped up Wednesday and said they do.

"Yesterday we did not have the majority, but we have the gavel," Pelosi proclaimed during a news conference to formally announce she will run again for House minority leader.

Earning herself a few suspicious looks from the women House members she was standing with, she quickly corrected herself.

"Excuse me, we don't have the gavel," she said. "We have our own gavel! We haves something more important, we have unity. We do not have the gavel, we do not have the majority, but we do have unity."

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