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Shock Audio: New Black Panther Chair -- Obama's Bombed 'Black & Brown People' But Hasn't Killed 'One White Man Yet


Creepy bonus: "Godd**n it I'm gonna even say this, [Obama is] a beautiful black man!  S**t!"

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 29: Members of the Black Riders, a new generation of the Black Panther Party,Credit: Getty Images

The Chairman of the New Black Panthers, Malik Zulu Shabazz, had some harsh words for President Obama on a radio broadcast Tuesday, explaining that he's angry with the president for killing "black and brown people" in Africa while not having killed "one white man yet."

The often controversial group has been very quiet leading up to the elections, but began broadcasting again this week after a four month hiatus.

Chairman Shabazz immediately opened up the radio show by asking for callers' questions.  The first caller asked if he supported Obama in any of the last two elections.   Shabazz gave a lengthy answer, saying that before 2008 he had "never voted in any presidential election."   He explained that he does not give "a damn" about the Democratic Party because they have "misused black people."   But 2008 was different for Shabazz. He voted for Obama, and the Panther chairman went into detail about that decision.

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He described Obama's heritage, citing his white mother, but ultimately calling Obama a black man because "black genes are dominant," he discussed the attractiveness of Obama's family; he called Sasha and Malia "beautiful" and describe Michelle an "attractive, intelligent and a cold-blooded black wife."  In a rather odd moment, he even said, "godd**n it I'm gonna even say this, [Obama is] a beautiful black man!  S**t!"

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"I voted for him because Rush Limbaugh was strongly against him," Shabazz went on to say. "Sean Hannity was strongly against him.  The Klu Klux Klan, the Arian Nation, the Nazis, the godd**ned crackers in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. I'm talking about rednecks all over the country were infuriated."

Shabazz then reiterated the point: "If it's pissing the cracker off than there may be some value in it."  He reveled in the fact that Obama "beat this cracker [Mitt Romney] hands down"  in the field of politics and government.

But despite the seeming ringing, and racial, endorsement, Shabazz did have some "serious disappointments" about Obama, particularly over his foreign policy decisions.  The Chairman said that the bombing of Libya is really where Obama lost his support this time around:

"I did not vote for a black man to bomb Africa.  The only people I've seen him bombing are black and brown people.  I haven't seen him kill one white man yet, through the United States military and his executive powers as commander-in-chief. Sorry about that. And if you're not willing to criticize Mr. Obama then you need to get out of politics."

Shabazz went on to say he is not scared to criticize Obama and encouraged his listeners to organize to express their dissatisfaction.  He also noted that he refused to vote for Obama a second time in 2012.

Listen to the shocking audio below: 

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