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Scientist Shoots Holes In Obama's Latest Statements On Climate Change


"Climate changes going on now are perfectly normal, perfectly natural." "The changes in the arctic ice were identified by NOAA as due to changing wind patterns and not to temperature."

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, TheBlaze reported on President Obama's curious Press Conference admission about climate change and weather events like superstorm Sandy:

"We can't attribute any particular weather event to climate change."

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) 

While that statement from the President initially confused many on the Left who believe that man-made global warming is real, he also followed up that claim with statements that appeared to be laying the groundwork for possible second term action on previously failed legislative efforts in areas like "Cap & Trade" or carbon exchanges.

“What we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even 10 years ago. We do know that the Artic icecap is melting faster than was predicted even five years ago. We do know that … there have been an extraordinary large number of severe weather events here in North America but also around the globe.”

The facts in Mr. Obama's global warming statement are currently taking fire from several different sources. During Glenn Beck's radio show, co-host Pat Gray disputed most of the President's claims.

This afternoon, the Media Research Center (MRC) released a video featuring Dr. Timothy Ball, professor emeritus of the University of Winnipeg. In the clip, Dr. Ball breaks down and refutes virtually every claim made by President Obama.

H/T MRC.com


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