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You've Probably Never Seen a Semi Make a Left Turn Quite Like This

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Semi-trucks can be down right scary for motorists in smaller vehicles. Seeing one creeping into your lane on the highway is enough to cause you to lay into a full on honk. Watching one make a right turn onto the street where you're in the left lane waiting to turn might have you thinking you should back up a touch as you chant "Don't hit me. Don't hit me."

But, the drivers deserve credit for the amount of control they have over the massive rigs and trailers. Take this semi driver for example. In the video below, he starts to turn left, but since he appears to be going a tad too fast, he begins to skid. Amazingly, he corrects the skid making it look like it was intentional and he was just pretending to be 007 in an Aston Martin.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the footage taken by frightened passengers behind him on a rainy day (Warning: Some strong language):

We can't confirm when the video was officially taken. The timestamp in the clip states 2025, but those timestamps are wrong or altered. We do know it was uploaded to YouTube Friday by a user named  located in Germany. This is the only video the user has uploaded to the video-sharing site.


(H/T: Reddit)

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