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Justice Roberts named 'liberal man of the year


For voting to uphold Obamacare as law back in June, the Wall Street Journal names Justice Roberts (generally viewed as conservative) as "liberal man of the year":

The editors of Esquire have included Chief Justice Roberts in their December "Americans of the Year" issue, praising his "nimbleness." After the Citizens United decision on free speech and political spending, he found a way "to save the court's credibility."

Chief Justice Roberts shares the Esquire honor with Lena Dunham, the star of an Obama campaign ad and the creator and star of the HBO series about 20-something sexual angst called "Girls." ...

Such is the strange new respect a conservative receives for sustaining liberal priorities. Our own view is less effusive, and to expiate his ObamaCare legal sins, a fair punishment would be that he hire Ms. Dunham as a clerk.

"Liberal man of the year" isn't a label WSJ has slapped on anyone else prior to Roberts.

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