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What Should America's Children Be Taught About Thanksgiving? These People's Answers Might Shock You


"Well, our nation was founded on slavery, genocide, murder, theft and mass injustice and it continues to this day."


Even with a sluggish economy and painfully high unemployment rates, the United States of America is still undoubtedly the greatest nation on earth. Many Americans would argue that the Thanksgiving holiday is a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of coming together as one country and being, well, thankful.

But not everyone agrees with that assessment.

Revealing Politics conducted a number of man-on-the-street interviews and asked people what our schools should be teaching America's students about Thanksgiving. In fact, some were asked what young kindergarteners should be taught about Thanksgiving. Their answers just might put a damper on your holiday spirit.

"What do you think we should teach our kindergarteners about Thanksgiving," Revealing Politics' Caleb Bonham asks in the video.

"The truth," one man replies. "They need to know about the racism and the violence that went on."



In response to the same exact question, another woman said we should teach kindergarteners that Thanksgiving is "totally meaningless" and "we massacred millions and millions of Native Americans." Ouch. That's quite a heavy kindergarten lesson.

"Well, our nation was founded on slavery, genocide, murder, theft and mass injustice and it continues to this day," yet another female respondent said.


Some were asked to respond what "students" in general should be learning about Thanksgiving, while others were a little more indifferent to the holiday.

"Personally, I don't really give a sh*t about Thanksgiving," another man said. Another gentleman echoed his feelings, saying America should just do away with Thanksgiving all together.

Watch the video below via Revealing Politics:

The video's producer Ben Howe, a RedState contributor and Revealing Politics creative director, told TheBlaze on Wednesday that the respondents in the video displayed "repulsive anti-Americanism and thought."

"No nation on earth is blameless. No people are blameless," he added. "Ideally something like Thanksgiving is an opportunity for us to share in our common humanity not our common feelings of guilt.  But given that it is a uniquely American holiday, I guess these people just can't pass up the opportunity to trash her."

Howe went on: "I'm not saying we don't bear any responsibility for any scars that were left in our history. Clearly America has had its moral failings. The point is that Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of coming together, but for these people and so many like them they just can't let go and prefer to live in a world where blame always rests on the shoulders of someone else."


Exit Question: What do you think we should be teaching America's children about Thanksgiving?

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