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Child Bruised But Safe After Getting Stuck in Home's Laundry Chute


"...'oh my God he's in the wall.'"

Cayden has a few scratches on his face after he got stuck in the chute. (Photo: WHDH)

The parents of a New Hampshire 2-year-old woke to a sound no parent ever wants to hear: "a blood-curdling scream."

CBS Local out of Boston reported mother Melissa Pendlebury saying she could hear her son Cayden but couldn't find him on Thanksgiving morning. It wasn't long before she and the boy's father Eric Leger found that he had gone feet first down their Manchester home's the laundry chute.

The boy's parents never thought he could fit down the chute. (Image: WHDH video screenshot)

WHDH has more of the parents' account:

“I was screaming and shaking,” said Pendlebury. “My sister said, 'oh my God he's in the wall.' He had fallen down a wire chute down from the second floor to the basement, but the wires had caught him between his legs.”

“I just punched a hole in the wall so I could get to him and at least hold his hand,” said Eric Leger, the boy’s father.

In a space just ten inches wide, Cayden was trapped and his family had no idea if he was badly hurt.

“I could see his hand and his feet, that’s it. He was just screaming. There was nothing I could do,” said Leger.

Watch the report:


The fire department was called in to rescue the boy from the 20-foot chute. One firefighter is reported by WHDH as saying it could have been a lot worse for the boy who only had a few visible bumps and bruises.

Cayden has a few scratches on his face after he got stuck in the chute. (Photo: WHDH)

Leger on the other hand broke his wrist after punching through the wall to get a closer look at his son, according to CBS Local.

The family has now bolted the door to the chute to prevent further incidents.

(H/T: AOL)

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