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RNC, DNC Spokesmen Have Their Heads Shaved on ABC After Election Day Bet


“If only Washington could cut spending like you cut hair!"

(Photo: ABC News)

(Photo: ABC News)

On Election Day, the spokesmen of the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee bet their hair that their respective candidates would win the presidency.

It's not exactly a novel concept-- top Democrat advisor David Axelrod promised to shave his prominent mustache if Obama lost-- but it's certainly an entertaining one.

As the results were called, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer resigned himself to shaving his head on national television.  In an unexpected turn, though, DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse agreed to have his head shaved at the same time to raise money for cancer research for children.

"As we wrap up this Thanksgiving weekend, [there's] something else to be thankful for," George Stephanopoulos began on This Week Sunday.  "Some daring bipartisanship from two of Washington's toughest operatives..."

The video then cut to Spicer and Woodhouse, accompanied by ABC News’ Jon Karl, who would be buzzing their hair.

“I have never done this before,” he joked, as the shears began to buzz. “There is a safety on this thing, so no lasting damage will actually be done...”

ABC News continues:

One buzz in, and there was no turning back.

“I’m good!” joked Woodhouse, as he pawed at his reverse mohawk. ”We can comb it over.”

The RNC’s Spicer had the shorter hair of the pair, but his new ‘do inspired some laughs nonetheless.

“If only Washington could cut spending like you cut hair,” he quipped.


Spicer and Woodhouse might have set aside their political differences for charity’s sake — but despite their twin chrome domes, the competition is still on. Now, they’re fighting to see who can raise the most for the foundation.

As of air time Sunday, Spicer had received $5,045 for St. Baldrick’s, with Woodhouse leading at $6,183 – and counting.  [Emphasis added]

Watch the rare show of bipartisanship, via ABC, below:

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