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Anti-Nativity Atheist Cancels TX Lawsuit, Citing 'Evil' Death Threats From 'Peace-Loving Christians


"...'loving' Christians, who'd rather kill us, than have an atheist touch their precious nativity display."

Photo Credit: Patrick Greene

Last week, TheBlaze told you about atheist activist Patrick Greene and his quest to dismantle the nativity scene in front of a courthouse in Henderson County, Texas. Now, just days after announcing that he plans to file a lawsuit in an attempt to see the religious symbol removed, Greene is claiming that death threats have forced him to cancel his plans.

On Saturday, he wrote an e-mail to TheBlaze, in which he shared his negative views about Christians, while also claiming that he has received death threats from local believers. Along with his e-mail, the atheist shared a photo that shows the word "evil" purportedly "burned into the rug" of a staircase in his apartment building.

The word that Greene claims Christians burned into a rug in his apartment building (Photo Credit: Patrick Greene)

"The attached photo showing the word 'Evil' burned into the rug of our stairs, was from 'loving' Christians, who'd rather kill us, than have an atheist touch their precious nativity display," he told TheBlaze.

The activist said that the actions have led to the cancellation of any lawsuit plans, but that he expected such tactics from Christians. According to Greene's accounts to other media, this is the second time that "evil" has been burned into his carpeting.

"This is the kind of treatment that is normal for Christians," he proclaimed.

While Greene has taken the opportunity to blame church-goers for the action, there is not definitive evidence that it was a religious individual who torched "evil" into his carpet. The man confirmed in a separate e-mail exchange with KLTV-TV that "no further legal action will be taken" following the threats.

"If I filed, our building would have been burned to the ground," Greene wrote to the outlet, sarcastically taking the opportunity to, again, blame the most recent events on "peace-loving Christians."

The atheist was previously considering a lawsuit in an effort to force Christians to post a sign that read, "This star was a gift from 2 Texas Atheists. Merry Christmas!" on the courthouse nativity. The note on the poster was in reference to the star that Greene and his wife purchased for the nativity earlier this year (read the full -- and bizarre -- series of events that have led to this point here).




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