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You Won!': Joe Scarborough Wonders Why Victorious Libs Are Still so Angry About 'Everything


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough during a Monday broadcast of “Morning Joe” asked what a lot of conservatives have been asking since the reelection of President Barack Obama: Why are liberals still so angry?

Considering the fact that they won the presidential election, boosted their holdings in the House, and held onto the Senate, you’d think there’d be a little more giddiness on that side of the aisle. But if you were to pay a random visit to Twitter, it sure doesn't seem that way.

“I went on the Twitter this weekend just to talk football,” said Scarborough (Yes, he says "the Twitter"). “Why are liberals still so angry on the Twitter? I say, you won!”

What are liberals so angry about?

"Everything," according to Scarborough.

Conservatives, he noted, prefer to celebrate their victories by hunting and drinking beer, knowing full well that they're in charge for another four years.

“It doesn’t bother me,” he said. “I feel sorry for them.”

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(H/T: Mediaite). Front page photo source courtesy Getty Images.

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