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Haven't Had Enough of Black Friday? Check Out This Dollar Store Prank That Made the Owner's Day


"Only in New York."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The sight of eager shoppers lining up outside a store waiting for it to open on Black Friday is not out of the ordinary. But the group of 100 setting up camp at one store in New York City had bystanders baffled and store workers confused but happy.

That's because it was a dollar store. The "shoppers" were members of the group Improv Everywhere.

The Improv Everywhere organizer explained that the mission was to mob a dollar store. The group headed to the location before it opened to act as if they'd been camping there all night. They went all out to set the scene with a fake NBC newscaster to cover the event and security to keep the crowd at bay.

"When it opens, we're going to rush in and act like we can't believe the amazing deals inside, make a few purchases and then disappear," the organizer said.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The group camping outside the shop. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The newscaster asked a person on the street not involved with the prank about what he was seeing. He responded with amazement saying, "I'm seeing people waiting for the 99 cents shop. I can't believe it. The line is all the way around the corner. I can't believe it. Only in New York."

Another person expresses later in the clip, his confusion for the line since the store is "already cheap."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

"For the first time in all my life, I see a line in a 99 cent store," a taxi cab driver said. "Any shopping area, Best Buy, you know Victoria's Secret, but a line in a 99 cent store, it's crazy."

When the doors finally open, the store owner seems pleased with the business he's about to bring in.

Here's the store owners face when he happily opened the door to the crowd. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The newscaster asked the store owner if he'd ever seen anything like this.

"It's the first time," he said.

He continued to say he thought at first the customers were waiting for the Rite Aid or some other store. He was shocked they were coming to his.

"I really appreciate every single person for giving us the business. I really appreciate them," he said.

Expressing his appreciation to the business the customers brought him. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch how it plays out for yourself:

(H/T: GeekOSystem)

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