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Rand Paul warns against GOP becoming 'a dinosaur


Many have speculated that the libertarian-leaning Sen. Rand Paul may be one of the top new faces of the modern Republican Party. If that's the case, it sounds like there are a few changes he'd like to see made:

"I think my party, the Republican Party, is shrinking. We're in danger of becoming a dinosaur," Paul said. "We're not competitive on the West Coast, we're not competitive in New England."

Paul went on to say that the GOP should look into adopting more libertarian policy ideas and be less aggressive on foreign policy.

"We need a new type of Republican, I think, one that involves some of the ideas of libertarian leaning Republicans and people who agree in a less aggressive foreign policy," Paul said.

With his famous dad, Rep. Ron Paul, retiring at the end of the year, Rand seems poised to take up the mantle on behalf of constitutional conservatives.  On the issue of the impending "fiscal cliff," the Kentucky senator insisted that entitlement reform be included in any deal and warned against raising taxes.

"The way I look at it is entitlements are broken, and it's not my fault, it's not Democrats' fault, it's because your grandparents had too many babies. It's because we're living longer. These are just facts," he said. "Taxing anyone in a weak economy is not good."

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