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Do You Think Free Speech Extends To Art? (Yes, We're Referring To 'Obama In Pee Pee')


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The amount of media attention swirling around the story of Glenn Beck's controversial work of art entitled "Obama In Pee Pee" is staggering.

Image: TheBlaze.com

If you just search for "Obama In Pee Pee," there are literally thousands of stories already online. And no doubt, more to come.

There's also a Twitter account -- @ObamaInPeePee

And, of course we have Obama In Pee Pee merchandise popping up.

Image: GlennBeck.com

However, some folks are not happy about this experiment in pushing the limits of Free Speech. There have even been disagreements among TheBlaze editors over the use of hyperbole to make a point.

Where do you stand on the subject?

We invite you to participate in TheBlaze Free Speech poll. (You can also submit a question as well. Please limit the questions to those with "Yes" - "No" - or "Don't Care" answers.

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