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White House Now Says Romney Was 'Obviously a Successful Businessman


Flashback: "Romney killed my wife."

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday praised former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s “successful” business record.

“He was obviously a successful businessman, and I’m sure has some ideas that I’m sure the president will find helpful,” said Carney.

Carney’s remarks came after he was asked during Wednesday's press briefing about a private lunch between President Obama and Romney scheduled for Thursday afternoon. The White House spokesman explained that the president “expressed interest” in having Romney at the White House, presumably to hear some of his business/economic ideas:

"It will be a substantial lunch, if not on the plate, then in discussion," he joked.

Carney continued, noting the president's interest in a "variety of issues including ... making the federal government more efficient."

Final Thought: While we don’t disagree with Carney’s characterization of Romney as a successful businessman, we can’t help but feel a little confused.

Didn’t the Obama campaign spend all year accusing the former governor of engaging in vulture capitalism, of massive outsourcing, of not understanding "economic reality," of bankrupting middle-class families and communities, and of killing a guy’s wife with cancer?

Now Romney's a "successful" businessman whose ideas are worth hearing?

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(H/T: Washington Examiner). Featured image courtesy Getty Images.

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