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Guess Which Liberal Fox News Co-Host Goes All Out During the Holidays With Elaborate Christmas Light Display


​"It's a labor of love."

While he is certainly no fan of conservative principles, Bob Beckel, co-host on Fox News' "The Five" and the show's outspoken liberal, is a huge fan of Christmas. In fact, every year for the past two decades he has decorated his home elaborately with Christmas lights and lawn ornaments to celebrate the holiday.

During Monday's edition of "The Five," Beckel not only showed viewers how much work he puts into his Christmas display, he also put his softer side on display and revealed that he partly does it to spread the Christmas joy among the children in his neighborhood.

"It's a labor of love," he said. "I don't know how else to put it, because no sane human being would do all this work."

He continued: “Every year I’m out here and I’m sitting here and I’m thinking should I really do this or not again ‘cause it’s so much work. And then some little kid comes up and says, ‘Mr. Beckel, are you going to put your lights out this year?’ And I say, ‘yeah, I’ll put ‘em out.’”

In fact, Beckel even had a sign made for his yard that reads: "This display is for all the kids in Brookmont and the big kid who lives here."

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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