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Hate All This Talk About Raising Tax Rates? Here Are 15 Countries with No Income Taxes Whatsoever


On the table in today's political debate is the concept of raising taxes on some, or even all Americans (should the fiscal cliff kick in).  If this bothers you, here are  eleven countries that you would (hopefully) never, ever have to worry about paying an income tax in.

Monaco has no income tax


Kuwait has no income tax


Bermuda has no income tax




U.A.E. (United Arab Emerites) has no income tax

You can also do this there:

Andorra has no income tax


British Virgin Islands have no income tax

Qatar has no income tax

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The Bahamas have no income tax

Oman has no income tax



Brunei has no income tax

Cayman Islands have no income tax


Anguilla has no income tax


Maldives have no income tax


Turks and Caicos have no income tax


Vanuatu has no income tax


Happy taxing!

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