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Wilkow!:' Filibuster Hypocrites


The same progressives who used filibusters against President Bush are now offering a different tune with their man in the White House. TheBlaze reported over the weekend that while Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is currently attempting to limit filibusters as a means to clear Republican opposition to President Obama's policies, up until recently, his website was packed with multiple statements from during the Bush administration when the Nevada Senator was an ardent opponent to the so-called Nuclear Option and lauded the filibuster as "our historic system of checks and balances."

On TheBlaze TV Monday, Andrew Wilkow noted that President Obama's Democratic Senate colleague Robert Byrd started the whole concept of modern filibuster with the 1964 Civil Rights legislation, which he filibustered for 14 hours, eventually reading from the phonebook during Congress to prove his point. Watch a clip below of Wilkow running through the Democratic Party's recent history with the filabuster:

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