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This seems like a remarkably bad idea from Amsterdam


Introducing (or, perhaps more accurately, re-introducing) "scum villages":

In a move that sounds straight out of Orwell, Amsterdam allocated 1 million euros last week to a plan that would relocate trouble-making neighbors to camps on the outskirts of the city, the BBC reports.

The “scum villages,” as critics have called them, would lie in isolated areas and provide only basic services to their unwilling residents. According to details of the plan reported by Der Spiegel and the BBC, residents will live in “container homes,” under the watchful eye of social workers or police. The residents themselves might not make very good company. According to the BBC, they’ll include families that engage in repeated, small-scale harassment, like bullying gay neighbors or intimidating police witnesses.

If this reads a little like ghettoization, you’re not the only one to notice.

Sounds like a great place to put the "inconvenient people" or, as our buddy Ed Morrissey points out, "perhaps just people whose political and social perspectives annoy the ruling class."

But rest assured, they'd be under the eye of the police state, so there's that.

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