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Man Haunted by Image of a Newborn Inside a Garbage Bag He Was Handed Outside of Va. Hospital (But There's a Happy Ending)


"It was dripping out of the bottom of the bag."

Justin Goldfarb of Portsmouth, Va., was intending to visit his girlfriend at the hospital Saturday when, still outside the building, he was handed a plastic garbage bag that has haunted his dreams in the nights since.

(Image: WTKR screenshot)

Goldfarb told WTKR a woman got out of her car as he was about to enter Maryview Hospital and said:

“Hey you, can you come here, and I didn’t think she was talking to me, so I walked over there and she was like, ‘You need to take that bag inside,’” Goldfarb said. “She was nervous, she was scratching her arms and forearms, I guess she was kind of nervous.”

Once inside with the bag, Goldfarb alerted a nurse. Then they looked inside, a newborn baby was seen, bloody and cold to the touch.

"It was dripping out the bottom of the bag, I don’t think it was gushing,” Goldfarb told WTKR.

Thankfully, the nurses say the baby is doing well now. According to WAVY, the staff has named him David, after the Biblical Old Testament king.

"I said if I wasn't so old and a grandmother, I would stick him in my pocket and just go with him," nurse Debbie Parker said, according to WAVY.

Nurse Debbie Parker (Image via WAVY)

Parker said if the baby not been brought in when he was, it might have been too late for him.

Here's WAVY's video news report:

Although it appears to be a case under the state's Save Haven Law, which allows parents to leave a baby at a hospital without charges, WAVY reported that police are investigating and charges could be pending. David is under custody of Portsmouth Child Protective Services and will be placed into foster care.

As for Goldfarb who brought the baby in, he told WTKR the horrifying image is one he'll "remember [...] when I'm old and in a wheelchair."

Watch WTKR's report:

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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