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In HuffPost: 'License' to hunt black men would be 'improvement' on 'Stand Your Ground' law


With our collective mouth left hanging open, we bring you this "fresh take" on Florida's infamous "Stand Your Ground" law. It was published yesterday by comedian D.L. Hughley in the Huffington Post:

"No one likes kids blasting their crappy music. No one likes babies crying on airplanes either. But you don't get to kill them. If that were the case, Ice Cube would have signed my death certificate many years ago -- and for many of my childhood friends as well. So let's identify this law for what it is: a hunting license for young black men.

"Frankly, a hunting license would be an improvement over the Stand Your Ground law. Hunting is a very heavily-regulated sport. There are only certain times of the year where hunting is permitted, and the animals you kill have to be of a certain minimum size. Juveniles are not, generally, considered fair game (it's where the term "fair game" comes from). You can't bait your prey, either: they have to be given a fair shot.

"I was at a Florida golf course once where there was a different kind of nuisance: A fourteen-foot alligator had swam nearby. Clearly, this was a danger to the golfers and could not be allowed to stand. But that alligator -- a species not even close to endangered -- was captured and released elsewhere. Shooting it, which would have made us all safer, was still not legally permissible. But if it were a young black man hissed at a Florida citizen, his life would be possibly moot -- and legally so."

The "Stand Your Ground" law gained notoriety after Florida man, George Zimmerman, shot and killed an unarmed teenage boy.

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