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Nativity on Wheels! PA Community Battles Atheist Complaints With Display of Jesus' Birth on Platform in Front of City Hall


"I'd rather die standing up for what I believe in than just standing back and watching nothing happen."

Photo Credit: WKBN-TV

Secularists battling against nativities is nothing new, but 2012 has brought some major victories for atheists. Consider Santa Monica, California, where a 60-year nativity tradition has been banned; other communities have backed down over fears that Christian themes will be legally challenged by groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) as well.

But -- believers are getting smart and fighting back with some creative methods of navigating around church versus state disagreements.

TheBlaze already told you about the Santa Monica work-around: Christians will stage a live nativity, as only unattended displays were banned from the Palisades Park. Now, a community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has found it's own solution to a potential atheist-led lawsuit against a display in front of a local municipal building.

KDKA-TV has more about the alternative nativity plan that is being waged in an effort to avoid a lawsuit led by the FFRF:

One group in Ellwood City has found a creative way to circumvent a potential lawsuit by displaying a nativity scene in front of the municipal building.

Instead, they’re going to put it on a truck.

The Beaver County Times reports that the Moose lodge is going to park a trailer carrying a nativity scene in front of the building.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based out of Wisconsin, threatened to sue the borough if it did not remove the creche.

Last year, after the FFRF first threatened to sue, so the city council, afraid of legal ramifications, moved the nativity to private property -- on land in front of a former church. However, residents have been discontented with this decision. In response, they've decided to park a new nativity on the street right in front of the government building.

Photo Credit: WKBN-TV

"It belongs here at city hall because it does not infringe upon our First Amendment rights, in no way, shape, or form," explained Karen Figurel, a local resident.

The nativity rolled up in front of city hall on Thursday night on an eight-foot by eight-foot trailer.

"I'd rather die standing up for what I believe in than just standing back and watching nothing happen," added Mike Parisi, a Moose Lodge organizer.

So, for the time being, it appears the Christians have won.

Read more about the nativity battle here.



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