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Racist'?: University of Miami Sends Out Emergency Text Only Alerting Students to 'Black Male on Campus


“Why yes, UM, there are black guys on campus."

The University of Miami is under fire over an emergency alert it sent to students on Thursday attempting to notify the student body of a crime, but instead only sending out the description of the alleged criminal. In this case, people were told to be on the lookout for a "black male on campus."

Here's a copy of the message:

(via Daily Mail)

Almost immediately, critics lashed out calling the gaffe "racist." The Miami Herald has a couplw examples:

“Why yes, UM, there are black guys on campus,” Emma Marzen posted on Twitter. “Good job ENN for forgetting to send the rest.”

Posted Alexander Norton: “how would you handle UM’s racist ENN report? #PRprobs #crisismanagement.”

The school -- red-faced -- later apologized.

“The initial ENN was both incomplete and insensitive and the University of Miami offers its sincere apologies,” the school wrote in a statement. “University leadership has already launched a full investigation of the incident, the ENN and University procedures.”

The suspect, the Herald reports, was eventually captured after stealing a computer from a dorm and trying to sell it back to its owner for $1,000.

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