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See These People Fail Miserably at a Basic Christmas Quiz: 'Where Was Jesus Born?


"Bethlehem is in Pennsylvannia."

Fox News' Jesse Watters took to New York City's streets to ask people some very basic questions about the Christmas holiday. While a number of the responses were spot-on others were, shall we say, monumentally inaccurate. From Jesus' profession to the location of his birth, the hilarious flubs are a must-see.

"Where was Jesus born?," Watters asked, with many correctly answering "Bethlehem."

"Bethlehem is in Pennsylvannia," one woman responded (clearly, she was joking).

And the hilarity doesn't end there. When it came to the gifts that the wise men brought Jesus following his birth, gold, frankincense, and myrrh (the correct presents) weren't in everyone's memory bank. The alternatives that some claim the Biblical characters brought? A "lamb" and "baby diapers," among others.

Some of Watters' subjects also attempted to sing Christmas carols as well. Below, watch the comical dialogue ensue:

(H/T: Fox News Nation)
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