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Leave This Poor Orange Man Alone': Obama Comforts a Bullied John Boehner on SNL


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Poor John Boehner. The Republicans won't sit with him in the cafeteria and they pushed him into the women's bathroom -- without his pants.

That's why Saturday Night Live's President Barack Obama stood with the House speaker to announce they'd reached an agreement on the coming "fiscal cliff" -- one that would include the major Obama concession of no tax increases.

"Now why would I do that?" Obama asked. "I won the election, I have the leverage, why give in? Well simply put, I felt sorry for this man. I realize how badly the Republican Party treats him when he even considers raising taxes."

Not only did Boehner have to sit by himself in the cafeteria, the Republicans took his milk.

"They took it and threw it in the garbage. These are supposed to be his colleagues and his friends," Obama said.

They also put a rubber snake in his desk and pushed him into the congressional women's restroom, "naked from the waist-down."

"They held him down and took his pants," Obama said, leaving Boehner to desperately try to cover himself in front of his female colleagues as the Republicans held the door shut on the other side.

That's why Obama had to take a stand to defend him, demanding, "You leave this poor orange man alone!"

Watch the sketch below, via NBC:

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