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Mysterious 'Fireballs' Seen Flying in Formation Above San Francisco


"100 percent sure this was a UFO."

Speculation of lights seen in the sky early Sunday morning above San Francisco's Mission District has ranged from floating candles to balloons with lights, but ultimately the strange lights still remain a mystery.

You can see several small dots above the tree's height in this image from a video provided by Enrique Barrios. (Image: CBS video screenshot)

Unlike a meteor seen streaking across the early morning sky in Texas late last week, the lights in California seemed to be flickering in formation, according to reports give to CBS 5 out of San Francisco.

Enrique Barrios, who took video of the lights with his cellphone, described them to CBS 5 as "like flame, you know, fireballs in the sky." He went on to tell the channel at first they "looked like flying candles," but later "they started making formations, triangular formations." Barrios said he is "100 percent sure this was a UFO."

Barrios does admit though tequila could have been a factor, as he was out celebrating the holidays Saturday evening. Watch the video he took with his cellphone and see if you can spot the lights flashing in the distance (Warning: Some strong language):

CBS 5 contacted Bing Quock with the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences who confirmed the lights were not a planet, constellation of stars, meteor, moon or alien spaceship. His best guess?

“It looks to me like it could have been balloons, carrying lights,” he said to CBS 5.

Federal aviation officials couldn't answer for the origin of the lights and also told CBS 5 they didn't receive any reports regarding them.

Watch CBS's full report:

Although not confirmed and potentially unrelated, the lights could have been associated with the Chanukah Festival of Lights in Union Square, which CBS in a separate story described as a festival including "dramatic, high-tech sky beams to the menorah lighting," which would shoot up more than a mile high during each night of Hanukkah.

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