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Real News': Marijuana Legalization Begins in Colorado, What Will Feds Do?


This year two states voted to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana, Washington and Colorado--where Governor John Hickenlooper signed the voter-approved legalization Monday. Many say that the recent legalization reflects a growing national feeling that Marijuana should be left to the states. Nationally, marijuana legalization draws just short of majority support.

However, according to a recent Gallup Poll, 64 percent of Americans say they do not want the federal government to enforce its anti-marijuana laws in those states where voters have recently legalized.  Despite this sentiment, the issue is likely to cause conflict between state and federal governments. One plan to settle this dispute that the feds are considering now would be where they arrest only a low level of users to test the laws in the courts.

'Real News' Monday looked at the points of contention between enforcing federal law and respecting states rights, and other questions that come up when looking at the legalization argument:


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