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See the 10 Craziest, Coolest, Zaniest & Most 'Seizure-Inducing' Christmas Light Shows of 2012


Most people who choose to display Christmas cheer on the exterior of their homes do so with a few strings of bulbs on the bushes and around the windows -- light decorating that adds just a hint of holiday appeal. However, others take a more extreme approach, putting together eye-popping lights shows that are so over-the-top they draw crowds, become YouTube sensations and send neighbors bouncing between pure awe and intense frustration.

TheBlaze has assembled 10 of the most zany and entertaining Christmas displays. Watch each of the selections, below:


A Rip-Roaring Electronic Music Show

Zachary Cadger and his family have a penchant for lighting up their Meridian, Idaho, neighborhood. Using a mixture of songs by Skrillex (an electronic musician), they created what Gawker calls "a seizure-inducing Christmas Light show":


"Gangnam Style" Synchronized Christmas Chaos

Psy's controversial, anti-American lyrics aside, the synchronization here is stellar. According to a description on YouTube, the display includes 41,000 bulbs, 2,000 light channel and 2kms of cable -- and it took 200 hours to assemble:


"Call Me Maybe" Set to Super Suave Light Show

A Bel Air home has assembled some blue-tinted Christmas lights synced to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." Definitely worth a watch:


Less Pop, More Christmas Spirit

We don't know a whole lot about the background of this holiday show -- aside from the fact that it's an exuberant version of "Carol of the Bells" -- but it takes a popular Christmas tune and infuses an ultra-powerful lights show. We'll let the video speak for itself:


Same Tune, Very Different Light Show

Who says the same Christmas song can't be used in different light shows? Below, see another rendition of "Carol of the Bells." You won't be disappointed:


Yet Another Tribute to "Gangnum Style"

Here we go again. Like the tune or hate it, here's another Christmas display set to it. This clip, from a family in Austin, Texas, has received widespread attention and praise. On a web site advertising the show, the creators explain:

This song was added to the playlist at the last minute. Kids came home from school talking about it after exercising to it during gym class. We did a few KPOP songs last year and had alot of fun with them so I sequenced this one too. Took about 2-3 hours to sequence this song.

Needless to say we were very surprised and somewhat overwhelmed at the attention this video received. With over 1 million hits in a week the video appeared on CNN, FoxNews, GMA, Today, plus a host of local news outlets across the globe. The only thing left is for PSY himself to come dance with the lights.

Watch it, below:


A Rock & Roll, Super-Intricate Light Fusion

You've got to hand it to this family. As you'll see, it's tough to watch this video and refrain from standing up and rocking out along with the tune. A smorgasbord of traditional Christmas songs performed with drums and an electric guitar makes the show immensely entertaining. A YouTube description has more about the family behind this design:

This Christmas light display started out 6 years ago at a residential home in Crooks, SD. While growing in popularity at the residential site, it would generate lines of cars up to 1/2 mile deep with 2 hour waits to see the display. After the owners decided to move to a new home in the country, the show was relocated to the Western Mall in Sioux Falls SD, where it lights up the night and peoples hearts by raising around $25,000 per year for the Make-A-Wish foundation of SD. It grants about 5 children's wishes each and every year.

Here it is:


A Very Mickey Christmas

The holiday lighting at Disney's Magic Kingdom is nowhere near as invigorating as the other light displays we've shown you, but it's still pretty nifty. Catch Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and others as they decorate the castle (oh, and Cinderella makes an appearance, too):


Metallica's Heavy Metal Santa Jam

Even if you're not a heavy metal fan, this clip's worth watching. The web site calls it possibly "the most epic light show yet." Spanning almost 10 minutes, the "performance" includes a mix of Metallica's hits, including: "Hit The Lights," "Blackened," "Battery," "One," "Damage Inc." and "Creeping Death" (caution: controversial themes).


And, Of Course, A Mashup

Naturally, we're concluding with a quick mashup of the best Christmas light show videos from across YouTube. Some are included in this list, but there are other exciting and invigorating Christmas renditions worth checking out.

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