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Gov't 'food assistance' rockets to $110 billion in 2013


Warning: Depressing information ahead.  If you're currently enjoying your Friday morning and would otherwise like to avoid a big raincloud of despair, go ahead and scroll onto the next post.

According to a new study from Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee, the federal government is now spending $110 billion on different "food assistance" programs -- nearly 80 different programs, including food stamps.  In just 10 years, spending on these programs has increased by nearly $70 billion:

“In some of our first inquiries in examination of their program, we find that they are on a determined effort to expand the number of people who get on welfare—on food stamps—even if they don’t want to be on food stamps… Is this the right approach for America?" ranking member Sen. Jeff Session asked on the Senate floor this week.  "Can’t we look back to the principles of independence and individual responsibility and individual pride that Americans have, and nurture that and use that as a way to help reduce dependence in this country?”

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