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This Man Found His 'Identical Twin' in a 450-Year Old Painting...Catch the Resemblance?


"We're thinking it may not be totally far-fetched for that to be an ancestor"

(Photo: Nikkie Curtis)

(Photo: Nikkie Curtis/ABC News)

During CNN's "Top News" Tuesday, the network's Jeanne Moos examined the case of a young college student who, while strolling around the Philadelphia Museum of Art, stumbled upon his doppelgänger in a 450-year old painting.

Originally spotted by his girlfriend, 20-year-old Max Galuppo says he originally didn't think the image resembled him.  However, once he took a photo standing next to the medieval portrait, he conceded, "there's no denying the resemblance there."

"I feel good for 450, I've got to admit," he joked.

The photo soon went viral on the Internet, with Reddit users offering to recreate the costume for Galuppo, even swapping his clothes with those of the nobleman using Photoshop.

The attention, naturally, made Galuppo curious about the painting's origin.  While not much is known about it, “Portrait of a Nobleman with Dueling Gauntlet” is believed to have originated near Florence, Italy, where Galuppo's grandfather is from.

"We're thinking it may not be totally far-fetched for that to be an ancestor of my [family]!" he said.

Check out CNN's report on the matter, which includes a number of celebrities and their unexpected doppelgängers:



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