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Wilkow!': Where Do Conservatives Fit in With America's Pop Culture


While conservatives and Republicans don't see as many top names in pop culture at their events and vocally supporting their causes as progressives and Democrats, 'Wilkow!' Friday looked at why pop culture should matter to conservatives. Friday's show featured guests who work in culture and politics, and conservatives who are making the most of their talents in visual arts, film and music, breaking sterotypes.

"Politics is like art. It’s like politics. When people say it’s not a real issue – it is to me," Andrew Wilkow said Friday.

Friday's show featured interviews with Rachel Harris of Creative Coalition, a nonprofit that brings artists and entertainers together to learn about national and community issues; actor and comedian Allen Covert, musician Aaron Lewis, Sirius XM Host Kayla Riley and Brandon Brice of Hip-Hop Republican. Watch clips from Friday's show below.

Andrew Wilkow with actor Allen Covert, Co-Founder of Cherry Tree Books

Panel on pop culture conservatism:

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