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Frank Luntz's gun-control survey makes the rounds, again


You could ask pretty much anyone in the media (outside of Fox) about Republican pollster and Fox News Contributor Frank Luntz and they'll all say something to the effect of: "Ha!"

Many -- probably most -- established journalists think he's a fraud, more of a showman than a serious pollster. But in light of the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary, previous work of his is being cited like it's the standard-bearer of objective truth in surveys.

The survey in question looked at gun owners and their thoughts on gun control. Surprisingly or not, large majorities were in favor of some forms of gun control.

The Los Angeles Times' James Rainey cites the five-month-old study in a column about gun-rights groups laying low after the massacre. (This, even though last year Rainey penned a separate column accusing Luntz of supplying his focus groups with "misleading information.")

Newsweek's Elanor Clift also cites the study in a column today pushing for President Obama to "seize the moment on gun control." (This, even though in 2010 she wrote that Luntz's work "can make governing very difficult.")

At ThinkProgress, Igor Volsky cites the study in a post headlined "The 5 Gun Safety Regulations That Even NRA Members Support." (This, even though in 2009 Volsky criticized "wordsmith" Luntz's construction of "straw man" arguments against Obamacare in at least four different posts.)

Lots of new love for Luntz.

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