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Latest Cover of Transsexual Fashion Magazine Features 'Transwoman' Dressed as Michelle Obama


Well, this is different:

Courtesy Dazed Digital

Yep, the newest issue of “Candy,” “the first transversal style magazine,” features a transsexual model named Connie Fleming styled to look like First Lady Michelle Obama:

Courtesy Dazed Digital

In an interview with Dazed Digital, Publisher Luis Venegas explains the inspiration behind the Michelle Obama-inspired cover:

I especially love the cover story, which for the first time isn’t a super-popular star, but a fabulous, beautiful black transwoman channeling a politician who looks pretty much like Michelle Obama. I remember back in early 2007 when the Democratic Party’s nominees were narrowed down between two “controversial” stereotypes never before seen for presidency: a black man, Barack Obama; and a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton. At that time, I thought, “when will the time come when these archaic walls break down and the White House will be occupied by, for example, a black, transsexual woman?”

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(H/T: WZ & Styleite)

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