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Sean Penn in HuffPost: 'I'm proud to be an American


Actor Sean Penn's new column in Huffington Post can only be described as rambling. It by and large has something to do with Bolivia and an American prisoner in the country. But here's the interesting part:

President Barack Obama, who this week so eloquently spoke for America's heart and its solidarity with those who suffered incomprehensible human losses at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has reminded us of that spirit of American leadership which so rightly gives us ownership in saying "I'm proud to be an American."

Then, just four paragraphs later, a 180: "[I]t is also a valuable and revealing sidebar to note that our president in the same week, contemplating the future of a Venezuela, whose own democratically elected president and representative of the Venezuelan heart, lays with his life at risk to cancer, that President Obama also, I submit, tactlessly declared the Chavez administration as one of 'authoritarianism.'"

In the next paragraph, Penn also characterizes Obama's comments on Venezuela as "insensitive and disrespectful."

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